Forward Bugs Upstream to an Email Address

Registered by Björn Tillenius

For products that don't use a bug tracker, we'll add another bug tracker type, Email Address, which can be used to specify an email address where the bug is tracked.

The Email Adress bug tracker will be special cased, since it's not a bug tracker with a web UI, so we can't link to the remote bug. We also need to give the user forwarding the bug the possibility to send an email from within Launchpad. Since the email address or mailing list usually won't be a validated email address, we can't send an email to it automatically, a user has to do it.


Work got done finishing up the drafting of the spec in 1.1.12.
Minor revisions to the spec during the 1.2.1 milestone cycle.
Untargeting this spec from 1.2.3. Targeting the linked bugs to milestones instead.


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