Removing deactivated, merged, and suspended accounts from teams and subscriptions

Registered by Curtis Hovey

As a Launchpad admin,
I want a process to remove deactivated, merged, and suspended persons from teams and subscriptions ,
So that the remnant data does not clutter the UI, the database, or cause oopses.

There are many bugs that relate to the non-active membership causing problems with membership and subscriptions. This should be a croned process for two reasons:
1, suspended users can be reactivated, so we must delay their unassignments for 15-30 days; 2, the merge/deactivation scripts cause UI timeouts

We may want to broaden this story to include unsubscribing the person from bugs, branches, merges, questions, and blueprints.


This blueprint describes an process that will remove many kinds of oopses observed by users.


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