Allow sources to begin building before they are published

Registered by Matt Zimmerman

Currently, source uploads must first wait for a full publishing cycle before they can begin to be built, after which another full publishing cycle is required in order for the binaries to be published.

Since most packages build in much less time than is required for publishing, beginning those builds before the source is published would allow the source and binaries to all be published in the archive in a single cycle. This would also make more efficient use of available buildd cycles, since we would build packages as they arrive, rather than waiting for the next publisher run and queueing several at once.

This would be very useful for getting critical changes into the archive quickly, especially during the preparation of Ubuntu releases.

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Adam Conrad
Celso Providelo
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Celso Providelo
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Celso Providelo
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Celso Providelo


Celso should be ready to draft this at this point.
cprov 20/06/2006: increasing priority according distro team requirements.
cprov 21/06/2006: under review, whether decision we take for unresolved issues should not affect the implementation.
lifeless 21/6/6: added some unresolved isssues, other than that it looks reasonable.
adconrad 22/6/6: Answered the technical reviewer concern, which seemed to be fundamental misunderstanding about queue handling, but will leave the formatting cleanup to cprov.
cprov 02/07/2007: spec simplification.
cprov 20070528: proposed to soyuz 1.1.6
cprov 22/06/2006: formatting cleanup done.
tfheen: 23/06: 15:00: pending-approval
sabdfl 30/06/06 reducing to High in order for PPA progress to be made. This spec is a requirement for security-in-soyuz which has also been reduced in priority.
malcc 5/11/06: Re-opening for re-discussion at MTV.
fabbione: 08/11/06: review: please read the comments in the spec and make them more clear. PS I cannot set the spec back to drafting/discussion, but somebody should really do it.
malcc: Addressed comments, back to review.
tfheen 2006-11-09: reviewed; please set to pending approval. (No duckie for me)
adconrad 2006-11-09: pending approval; will look it over later
cprov 2007-02-22: address implementation.


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