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In order for Kuryr-Kubernetes to be tested with several SDNs we need to improve a lot the current gate support so it has several more gates, both multinode and single node covering a whole test matrix. Some of these new gates will be added just to the experimental in order to avoid having a too long gate queue.

Multinode gates
The multinode gates intend to cover the sdn setup with different providers:

SDNs [dragonflow, odl, ovn], with octavia L3 for all of them but odl, which doesn't support it yet.

- tempest-kuryr-kubernetes-multinode-odl-lbaasv2
- tempest-kuryr-kubernetes-multinode-ovn-octavia
- tempest-kuryr-kubernetes-multinode-df-octavia

The idea would be for this to have an initial controller+compute setup on zuulv3

Single node gates
Under the scope of this blueprint, support for containerized and daemonized Kuryr-Kubernetes will also be added, originally as experimental gate.

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Daniel Mellado
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<dulek> In case of deployment options we'll have in short time:
- containerized
- with daemon
- pooled
- pooled with VIF choice on daemon side.

Matrix gets pretty complicated then, so I believe we'll need to start deprecating some deployment options. First thing would be stabilizing cni-daemon as a default. Then we'll need to decide what we're doing with pooled configurations.

<dulek> I've came up with following plan, based mostly on my subjective perception of which configurations can break more easily:

- lbaasv2
- octavia
- octavia-daemon
- octavia-openshift
- octavia-daemon-containerized (nv)
- octavia-containerized (nv)

- lbaasv2-daemon
- lbaasv2-openshift
- lbaasv2-daemon-openshift
- octavia-daemon-openshift-containerized

- lbaasv2
- octavia
- octavia-daemon
- octavia-openshift
- octavia-daemon-containerized (nv)
- octavia-containerized (nv)

no jobs:
- lbaasv2-daemon-openshift-containerized
- lbaasv2-daemon-containerized
- lbaasv2-openshift-containerized
- octavia-openshfit-containerized
- octavia-daemon-openshift
- lbaasv2-containerized

It's based on idea that sooner or later we're going to deprecate lbaasv2 and Octavia has more moving parts, so let's base tests on it. Then most of "triple" configurations are not really needed, as most bugs will be seen on "double" configurations.

[irenab] Lets not forget the SDN - neutron backends matrix

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    Add OpenShift gates

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