Split CNI into its executable part and a long running daemon

Registered by Antoni Segura Puimedon

Currently Kuryr's CNi consists on an executable entry point that:

- Is called by Kubelet with CNI env vars set
- Starts a watch on the specific pod CNI requests to add to the Network
- Handles the events until it sees the vif annotation
- Plugs the requested vif (including device creation)

As you can see from the description above. If a kubernetes user starts 100 pods at once, that means that there will be 100 cni instances establishing new https connections to the K8s API. This will indubitably slow things down both at the master (more connections to handle) and at the workers.

This blueprint calls for splitting the CNI into two components:

- The CNI executable: This component should ideally be self standing and rely only on Python stdlib dependencies so it can just be dropped in the Host. Its task is to open a socket. You can see the following midonet example [0] The responsibilities it has are:
    * Translate CNI env vars to json
    * Send the request via unix domain socket to the CNI daemon
    * Get the answer
    * Form valid CNI response and return it to the kubelet

- The CNI daemon: This component will probably run as a daemonset on the host and will set up an http server on the unix domain socket. Its responsibilities are:
    * Create the Unix domain socket
    * Have REST endpoints for Health and to receive addNetwork and Delnetwork commands
    * Watch K8s API pod events and store the last seen of a pod
    * Get requests from CNI executable
    * Bind vifs either immediately if VIF info is available or do it `on_present`
    * Write result to the unix socket

[0] https://github.com/midonet/midonet/blob/7356f58a1ef6ccf1410c2b3ee171500b19f1e5b0/midolman/src/deb/bin/mm-ctl

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Irena Berezovsky
Antoni Segura Puimedon
MichaƂ Dulko
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Antoni Segura Puimedon
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Antoni Segura Puimedon

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