Add support for ubuntu when deploying kolla with Vagrant

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The current deployment strategy for Kolla with Vagrant supports libvirt and VirtualBox providers. For VirtualBox providers the base box being used is puppetlabs/centos-7.0-64-puppet

When trying to deploy Kolla using Vagrant with the VirtualBox provider some issues were faced:
-Ran out of space since base box only has 20GB
-Errors building images in a CentOS host
1: Some services didn't have binaries for CentOS
2: The VM would halt during builds and would require a reload to reestablish a ssh shell
*It happened more than once and to other people as well
3: When building from source some images ended up in an error state
*I haven't dig much on the root cause but my point is that it didn't work out of the box
Some people in the same office I work were able to deploy OpenStack with Kolla on an Ubuntu host without facing any issues.

My suggestion is the following:
Have a Vagrantfile utilizing an Ubuntu base box and with initial support to only AIO to make it easy for first timers to get started deploying OpenStack with Kolla

Initially I thought about adding support to the existing Vagrantfile. However, since the file already focus on a libvirt provider using a CentOS base box and multi node support it would become really convoluted adding support for another base box.

We could try to update the existing Vagrantfile and script.
But what if we kept a separate dir under the dev/vagrant with the files focusing on VirtualBox Ubuntu AOI deployments?

I already have an existing working script. I can open a patch to get some comments on.

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It sounds like you have a bug in there - the base image is only 20GB - Kolla requires 40GB at minimum and possibly more to operate correctly. Please file that as a bug not as a blueprint.

The current vagrant file I agree is overly complex but it can run in AIO mode without a registry I believe. I think the way to handle this blueprint is to break it down into bugs and fix the bugs individually rather then create a second AIO vagrant file. I am not keen on multiple vagrant files - the idea is to get all the logic in one place so we can support one implementation. --sdake

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    Add support for ubuntu when deploying kolla with Vagrant

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