Permit a reconfiguration of the services

Registered by Steven Dake on 2016-02-16

We want a new action called reconfig. The new action should reconfigure the containers on all nodes if the configuration has changed on the deployment host node contained in /etc/kolla.

If the CONFIG_STRATEGY is COPY_ONCE, the containers require a removal and recreate if the master configuration has changed.
If the CONFIG_STRATEGY is COPY_ALWAYS, the containers require a kill/start if the config is changed.

kolla-ansible should take a reconfig action and do the right thing with it.

It would be helpful if no action was taken on the existing containers if the configuration hasn't changed but not a mandatory requirement for mitaka-3.

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Steven Dake
Steven Dake
Jeffrey Zhang
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Accepted for mitaka
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milestone icon mitaka-3
Started by
Steven Dake on 2016-02-22
Completed by
Jeffrey Zhang on 2016-03-05

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Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/kolla-reconfig,n,z

Addressed by:
    [WIP] Reconfigure keystone service

Addressed by:
    Add the default empty reconfig.yml file to all roles

Addressed by:
    Import module rather than funciton in the file

Addressed by:
    Reconfigure glance service

Addressed by:
    Run the keystone reconfigure only on keystone group host

Addressed by:
    Revert "Modify a hard-code keystone username in neutron and heat."

Addressed by:
    Use kolla_internal_vip_address for kolla_internal_fqdn

Addressed by:
    Use keystone-manage bootstrap to init database

Addressed by:
    Reconfigure cinder service

Addressed by:
    Add kolla_docker action for reconfigure

Addressed by:
    Reconfigure for Heat

Addressed by:
    Reconfigure for Magnum

Addressed by:
    Add reconfigure for manila

Addressed by:
    Reconfigure neutron service

Addressed by:
    Add reconfigure for heka

Addressed by:
    Reconfigure Ironic

Addressed by:
    Reconfigure for Swift

Addressed by:
    Reconfigure nova service

Addressed by:
    Reconfigure for Memcached

Addressed by:
    WIP: Reconfigure for Murano

Addressed by:
    WIP:Reconfigure for ceph

Addressed by:
    WIP: Reconfigure for haproxy

Addressed by:
    Reconfigure ceph service

Addressed by:
    Reconfigure mistral service

Addressed by:
    Partially-Implements: blueprint kolla-reconfig


Work Items

Work items:
(jeffrey4l): base: DONE
(unassigned) ceilometer: POSTPONED
(vhosakot) ceph: DONE
(jeffrey4l) cinder: DONE
(unassigned) designate: POSTPONED
(unassigned) dind: POSTPONED
(jeffrey4l) glance: DONE
(unassigned) gnocchi: POSTPONED
(mdnadeem) haproxy: INPROGRESS
(elemoine) heka: DONE
(sdake) heat: DONE
(vhosakot) horizon: TODO
(rhallisey) ironic: DONE
(unassigned) keepalived: TODO
(jeffrey4l) keystone: DONE
(sbezverk) magnum: DONE
(unassigned) mariadb: TODO
(nkorabli) memcached: DONE
(unassigned) mongodb: TODO
(mdnadeem) murano: DONE
(mdnadeem) mistral: DONE
(vhosakot) neutron: DONE
(vhosakot) nova: DONE
(mdnadeem) rabbitmq: TODO
(sbezverk) swift: DONE
(unassigned) zaqar: POSTPONED
(unassigned) manilla: TODO

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