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The kolla docs are unclear and incomplete. We need to work with all the new members in the community to help build better docs.

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Ryan Hallisey
Ryan Hallisey
Ryan Hallisey
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Accepted for ocata
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Ryan Hallisey
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Jeffrey Zhang

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Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/documentation-rework,n,z

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Doc rework for quickstart, multinode, and image-building

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Update advanced configuration

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Update Cinder guide

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Update quickstart guide for formatting

Gerrit topic:,topic:bug/1582618,n,z

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Change the SELinux doc to a security doc

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Document upgrading for operators

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Simplify image building information in quickstart

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Document using a custom config directory

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Make configurable the location where config files are merged

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Specify registry volume location

Addressed by:
    Cleanup Advanved Configuration doc

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Update Documentation

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Update the image-building documentation

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Added test document

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    The quickstart guide still says to use Anisble 1.9.4 which no longer works with Kolla.

Gerrit topic:,topic:bug/1585995,n,z

Midcycle discussion:

Addressed by:
    Add docs for host setup

Addressed by:
    Shrink the quickstart massively and break it into 2

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Build a more organized doc structure

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Add guide to auto mount /run as shared

Addressed by: (ABANDONED)
    Update documentation to reflect repo split

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Remove `$` character for document consistency.

Addressed by: (MERGED)
    Update running-tests.rst file


Work Items

Work items:
(unassigned): Philosophy Document: TODO
(unassigned): Architecture overview: TODO
(sdake): setup host: centos: TODO
(inc0): setup host: ubuntu: TODO
(unassigned): Always setup registry: TODO
(unassigned): Kolla quickstart ( AIO ): TODO
(unassigned): I am operator ( on metal ): TODO
(unassigned): I am kolla developer: TODO
(unassigned): Kolla as devstack+1 (separate discussion): TODO
(unassigned): Kolla on vagrant: TODO
(unassigned): Kolla on OpenStack(fix the heat support?): TODO
(unassigned): Advanced Configuration: TODO
(unassigned): Document inventory file: TODO
(unassigned): Buliding custom container images: TODO
(unassigned): Configuration in globals.yml: TODO
(unassigned): deploying behind proxies: TODO
(unassigned): deploy in ip constrianed enviroment(no haproxy): TODO
(unassigned): advanced deployment: TODO
(unassigned): Multinode Deployment: TODO
(unassigned): (tangent) migrate from AIO to multinode: TODO
(unassigned): kolla-ansbile deploy with all options: TODO
(unassigned): Post deployment operations: TODO
(unassigned): upgrade with all options: TODO

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