Change the CLI to make Kubernetes rest calls (CLI v2.0)

Registered by Ryan Hallisey on 2016-08-08

In order to get the most information from Kubernetes about that status of the cluster, we need to make rest calls.
We need this information to expose the pod status of a resource to Ansible as well as a user.

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<kfox1111> I'd like to see '--dry-ryn' show me exactly the kubectl calls that should be made to reproduce what its going to do.
<kfox1111> run
<kfox1111> so having it exec has some advantages there. you can just stub out the exec with a print.
<rhallisey> the problem though with exec is were limited to kubectl's info
<rhallisey> so when it comes to querying the resources
<kfox1111> I really like the ability to ./ --dry-run >, inspect then bash when I'm satisfied it won't break anything.
<rhallisey> let me compare. Last I looked kubectl was a not verbose enough
<rhallisey> kfox1111, we can still accomplish it even with rest calls
<rhallisey> just translate the rest call
<sbezverk> rhallisey: we could do kubectl -o yaml
<kfox1111> true. it just makes me as an op more likely to believe it when I deside not to --dry-run as the code looks the same.


<rhallisey> kfox1111, what it would come down to is if the cli can provide enough info for the workflow to get a proper pod status
<kfox1111> the easier you make it on an op to figure that out, the more ops will like your stuff. :)
<kfox1111> I'm much more ok with doing a rest call for getting status back. read only is rarely dangerious. :)
<kfox1111> its the changy things that I pay close attention to.
<rhallisey> ok maybe the query is a rest call
<rhallisey> and the others are cli


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