Sanity check playbooks

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Create playbooks that validate the services are operational via some simple checks.

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Steven Dake
Michał Jastrzębski
Paul Bourke
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Michał Jastrzębski

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I dont think is a container you are proposing, but rather a playbook to run these tasks. Correct me if I am wrong. --SamYaple

If we have a gate job to deploy kolla, the test scripts should use tests/ as a reference. Really don't think separate containers are needed for each service, but running the test from within a container is certainly fine. --jpeeler

I agree with jpeeler and Sam here. What you probably want is a container with openstack-client inside, and have the playbooks run along doing some magic within that container. To test for availability of certain services. However, that is a mere endpoint check and doesn't help much in HA setups. We should be able to just check a certain port on a certain hostname/IP to test specific services on new nodes, if it returns 200 it's usable else it is not. I'm asuming here a healthy service always returns 200. For simple TCP checks nc could be used, perhaps together with grep. --harmw

After discussion on summit - we'll use kolla-ansible container do to simple read-only tasks after each service check, fail a deployment. This test should be optional in playbooks. - inc0

Raising priority to essential for Newton-1. This work is relatively easy and should be easy to tackle in a distributed fashion. Michal can you fill out the work items please? Thanks! --steak

moving to newton-3 expected to be relased on 2016-09-02. Please try to finish it before that otherwise it will be moved to Octata. - coolsvap

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/sanity-check-container,n,z

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    Sanity check module

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    Sanity check for keystone

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    Sanity check for glance

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    Sanity check for cinder

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    Sanity check for swift

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    Improve glance sanity check

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    Clean up Glance image after sanity check

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    Add Nova sanity check

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    Add Heat sanity check

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    Enable sanity checks from kolla-ansible

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    Update keystone sanity check to use built in shade

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    Update glance sanity check to use built in shade

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    Update keystone sanity check to use built in shade

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    Add neutron sanity check to use built in shade

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    Grafana post_config checks only need to run locally

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    Support osprofile usage

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    Add sanity checks for Barbican


Work Items

Work items:
aodh: TODO
cloudkitty: TODO
gnocchi: TODO
kibana: TODO
neutron: TODO
solum: TODO
barbican: TODO
collectd: TODO
grafana: TODO
kuryr: TODO
nova: TODO
stop: TODO
baremetal: TODO
common: TODO
haproxy: TODO
magnum: TODO
octavia: TODO
swift: TODO
bifrost: TODO
congress: TODO
heat: TODO
manila: TODO
panko: TODO
tacker: TODO
ceilometer: TODO
designate: TODO
horizon: TODO
mariadb: TODO
prechecks: TODO
telegraf: TODO
ceph: TODO
destroy: TODO
influxdb: TODO
memcached: TODO
rabbitmq: TODO
tempest: TODO
ceph_pools.yml: TODO
elasticsearch: TODO
ironic: TODO
mistral: TODO
rally: TODO
trove: TODO
certificates: TODO
etcd: TODO
iscsi: TODO
mongodb: TODO
sahara: TODO
vmtp: TODO
chrony: TODO
freezer: TODO
karbor: TODO
multipathd: TODO
searchlight: TODO
watcher: TODO
[pauldbourke] cinder: INPROGRESS
[pauldbourke] glance: INPROGRESS
[pauldbourke] keystone: INPROGRESS
murano: TODO
senlin: TODO

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