Strictly specify become to only neccesary Ansible task

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Add "become" (Ansbile way to privilege escalation) to only necessary Ansible tasks. So, users do not need to escalate whole host in Ansible inventory or CLI due to there are some but not every tasks in a playbook need root privilege.

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Steven Dake
Duong Ha-Quang
Duong Ha-Quang
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Duong Ha-Quang
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Jeffrey Zhang

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Hi Duong, I just did some test runs of this and see one or two issues:

* Task '[cinder : Copying over cinder-wsgi.conf]' fails (
* Task '[nova : Running Nova bootstrap container]' fails (
* I also see reference in the docs to config_owner_user and config_owner_group in globals.yml, but cant see these in globals.yml itself?

FYI, the way I set up my user was the following:

ansible -i ~/multinode -a 'useradd testuser' all
ansible -i ~/multinode -a 'usermod -a -G wheel testuser' all
ansible -i ~/multinode -a 'usermod -a -G docker testuser' all
< setup ssh keys >

These are the main things I tripped over, unsure if there's other lurking. To really round out this task do you think we could update the gates to run as non root? That way we can be sure we're testing it and using best practice.

- pbourke


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    [wip] Add Ansible become to quick start guide

Addressed by:
    Check if ansible_user is in docker group

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    Specify 'become' to neccesary tasks (general roles)

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    Specify 'become' for only neccesary tasks (default roles)

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    Specify 'become' for only neccesary tasks (all other roles)

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    Use root as the default node config user

Addressed by:
    Add become for fluentd create config directory task

Addressed by:
    Specify 'become' for only necessary tasks (Queens roles)

Addressed by:
    Add documentation for Ansible become feature

Addressed by:
    Specify 'become' for all tasks that use kolla_docker module


Work Items

Work items:
[duonghq] Update document: DONE
[duonghq] Make sure ansible_ssh_user in docker group (only check): DONE
[duonghq] General roles (common, prechecks): DONE
[duonghq] General modules (memcached, iscsi, mariadb, mongodb): DONE
[duonghq] Core modules: (nova, neutron, keystone): DONE
[duonghq] Other modules: DONE
[duonghq] Change owner of configuration file to kolla/kolla or user specify: DONE

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