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Kibo is your One Stop Shop when it comes to Computers, IT, Technology and related areas. We are offering a wide range of services and products. Definitely we are not alone in this but surely, Kibo is unique and special because it follows a Philosophy that never fails: I am Because We Are.

We have 3 priorities:

(1) Clients First.
(2) Staff Second.
(3) Quality of Our Work.

What is unique and special about is:

(1) We are not based on one area/country but in different countries.
(2) You will definitely pay less for a much better quality. Paying less does not necessarily mean you will get poor quality. We don't have to pay rent as we have no physical office yet. That is why we charge less and that is why Kibo is unique.
(3) All what you need is to log to our website and select the desired service or product. We are in the 21st century. Business can be done from any spot on this world. You're saving your money by saving your time.
(4) We are group of highly skilled and experienced computer and technology people. We do know what we are doing and it is the quality of our work that speaks louder than our words.
(5) Exceeding our clients' expectations is a must and if we fail to deliver what we promised, you will not pay anything for that.

For the list of our services, please see this list/link ***once we finish this we need to add that to our website ***

To Contact us, please send us an email to:
<email address hidden>

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I think that we should specify the philosophy if we add it to the first website.

If we are numbering items, I don't think we need to put words as "first" and "second" :P

I wouldn't mention the second bullet in why we are special. It sounds too cliche and I guess every company does say the same - pay less for better quality, even if you don't.

Is it good to use launchpad as a way to promote our services? I mean, it's public so everyone in the site will get access to our launchpad pages and blueprints...

[amjjawad] Everything is here:

Yes, launchpad is public but it is only for us, the members of Kibo to use.

Those who wish to do bad things can do that anywhere to any platform. Luckily, I haven't noticed any kind of bad behaviour on Launchpad for years.


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1- The current development (text content only) of Kibo's Website is taking place on Google Drive - : INPROGRESS

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