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Most of these proposals are in regard to managerial affairs of the project, since we need to create some sort of standards that people can go by. However, these are important restraints that will guide us furthermore. So, do please discuss these topics and present solution if you check any inconsistency. Add your opinion by editing the blueprint (please follow the rules below)

The following blueprint is organized as follows:
Hiring procedures
Management representatives and board of directors
Meeting order
Website content discussion

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Kibo team has encountered unfortunate situations were people have misunderstood what we are, what we do and how we do things. Thus the need to create this blueprint. The point here is to demonstrate the most important principles behind Kibo.
I, Gustavo, propose to immediately show this blueprint (when it is created) to anyone interested joining the team. Alongside, we should ask for a couple of previous experiences so that we can understand where that person is situated - apprentice, newcomer, expert.

The values that we should go by are:
All of us are interested and with enough time to split between RL affairs and other projects we have embraced. Kibo is a profitable project and, therefore, we intend to contribute financially to your work and time dedicated;
We embrace KISS philosophy - Keep it Simple, Stupid. Meaning that we don’t want to complicate what doesn’t need to be hard.
We work in team and in team you should work.

After a while trying to plan and organize everything in order to get Kibo undergoing, we found out that timezones are a killing issue. However, we have people we trust that can organize, manage and orientate workflows, new people and every issue in regard to Kibo. Since Kibo is a world-wide global project and thus have people collaborating throughout the world, we found the best way to keep it running, avoid delaying any due dates, we must have regional representatives (RR). RRs functions is to organize work within his/her region of action exclusively. This person will not make decisions in regard to specific tasks, unless asked for that - say, if we should follow a standard or not. However, do not confuse RR with Head of Departments, which we also intend to have in the future. For the obvious reason, we do not have enough people at our disposal that can support the latest sentence.

On the other hand, these representatives cannot endure major decisions by themselves without communicating and probably discussing with the board of directors. Even though these questions may be mainly inner business content-related, all should be discussed with the board of directors.

The board of directors is composed by the founders of Kibo:

Ali (founder)
Svetlana Belkin
Gustavo Silva
Keith Myers

Regional Representatives and respective regions:

America (North and South) - Svetlana Belkin (belkinsa | #kibo at freenode)
Asia (Including Oceania) - Ali (amjjawad | #kibo at freenode)
Europe (Includes Africa) - Gustavo Silva (gsilvapt | #kibo at freenode)

Contact emails are available at respective launchpad pages.

Even though we don’t have regular meetings abroad since, well, timezones do not allow us to meet at the best possible hours, it is inevitable to have meetings in our channel #kibo (change possibly to #Kibo-team to avoid public intrusion later) to discuss all important details.

Pre-meeting obligations
Do elect a chair. This chair will conduct the meeting to discuss specific meetings. Avoid massive meetings to discuss massive affairs.
The elected chair will be responsible to make votings - and please do make those - and also further actions.
The chair is responsible to maintain order and an understable meeting.

During meeting obligations
The chair is responsible to use all the MeetingBot functions, by initiating votes and actions to the involved users.

Post-meeting obligations
Send email using the mailing-list to let us know the purpose of that meeting and the respective debated issue. On the other end, please let us know the link of the log. It can be useful for everyone.

Another important issue is what should be included in our website. There are a lot of purposes behind having a website. For some, it works as a meeting point, where customers can gather information about the firm and then proceed reaching then either by email, telephone and so on.
In my experience with consultancy firms, it is very important to create a trustworthy atmosphere in our website. That can be done with excellent resumes and successful proofs of our work. In the beginning this can be done with exposing previous projects that we have embraced and emphasize their respective outcomes.
I, Gustavo, strongly agree that the website should be very precise about what we do (services), who we are (success proofs), how much do we charge (if the list is gigantic, don’t post nothing at all and we can then negotiate pricing and services), how to reach the right person (instead of having a general email account that will require to forward that new message to the right person - and I strongly disagree using IRC as a mean of contact).
In terms of logos and slogans, it is important to have those stick just to one place.
I also am in favour of simple design pages - not in HTML. Here’s a good example:

[amjjawad] I'm going to update this blueprint by adding the latest updates as work items :)


Work Items

Work items:
1- anyone interested to join Kibo needs to read for now (at least) and send the required information to <email address hidden> or contact Ali directly <email address hidden> : DONE
2- Board has been created - : DONE
3- The board has general tasks AND each and every member of the board has specific individual task - : DONE
4- Head of departments to be found and appointed later on : TODO
5- We have agreed to do regular meeting 3-4 times per week whenever possible and whenever needed : DONE
6- There is a folder on Google Drive for the content (text) of Kibo's website - : INPROGRESS

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