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This does require a lot of thinking and planning. It should also be divided into each phase.
My suggestion.

Just a logo (which we don't have, yet) and our slogan/motto (we haven't agreed as well).
Below all that, a small introduction about who we are and we do so that people know if we can help them. After that, a contact form or email address (already done an email, right?) so that people can reach us to know more information and get a pricing plan which will be adjusted according to each case.

PHASE 2 - not necessarily after we create the company, but ever since the project gets bigger and better:
We need a more structured website, where we can explicitly let people know who we are (CVs and experiences), what we do (services covered), past experiences and future challenges. As usual, a contact form, a support page, and last, but not least, a social media window.

[amjjawad] There is a Google Drive Folder for Kibo's website:

For Logo: we are about to have a final one very soon!

For Motto: indeed we need to come up with one!

For Phase 2: we can work on that in parallel but the priority to get an up and running website with simple layout and a wordpress theme for now. In the process, we need to work on a customized theme or perhaps a totally different platform rather than wordpress but for that (different platform), I don't see that coming any sooner! maybe 3-6 months or as needed.

For WhoWeAre: applying KISS, we shall include a picture (just like all the companies or similar projects) and our LinkedIn Profile.


Work Items

Work items:
1- We are currently working on the content (text) of our website on google drive - : INPROGRESS
2- We need a meeting to finalize the website ASAP : TODO
3- James and Jonathan have been informed by Gustavo (CC'ed myself and belkinsa) to work together on a new theme for our website : DONE
4- To follow up with James and Jonathan while getting our website up and running : INPROGRESS

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