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This is a very important and sensitive topic. The best to approach it is being super extra very much honest, clear and direct :)

Because Kibo for now is a business project and not a company - - there will be NO Salaries for the staff of Kibo on Phase #1 but instead, there will be a scheme that everyone must agree on and approve.

This is a proposal to discuss that scheme and come up with a solid plan that should work as our solid foundation in this regard.

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Since we are evaluating the business' profitability, I am in favor of no salaries if it is not enough to pay for the firm's monthly costs.

So, with that in mind, my suggestion to split income is:
- First, have an update sheet that will cover all expenses in regard to Kibo - That may include website and other required servers.
- Secondly, the income will immediately be set a part to a Paypal account (or similar) that will be exclusively used to pay for those expenses mentioned.
- Thirdly, if there is spare money left, then we can proceed to either save to create a company and what-not or pay a bonus to the staff. However, these will have to be discussed depending on how much are we getting and saving each month. There's also a need to have monthly reports to calculate growth expectations.

So, in the end, I think we should aim for a given objective and we'll plan accordingly. It is not fair to save a couple of money and then things go sideways for some reason and we all have been dedicating our lives to Kibo in vein - Sorry for being to honest, but a small contribution is just a sign of trust and appreciation for your work.
The above suggestion is valid if our intention is to have a given plan to split income. However, I can do something more elaborate if everyone agrees.

[amjjawad] Allow me to be super honest and direct here. This is a very sensitive, critical and important topic. We are humans of value and morals, no doubt about that. If truth to be told, I guess 'money' what has brought us here in Kibo. We have worked together with other non-profit projects but Kibo is different, it is profit. That in mind, we really need to carry on in form of meetings. Here, we could agree on the general guidelines, etc but in order to have real results, we do need meetings.
That said, I shall keep this blueprint to discuss the general guidelines and proceed with meetings (Google Hangouts ONLY - NO IRC).

Again, this is an important topic that we need to discuss in details and everyone must agree on that.


Work Items

Work items:
1- In order to proceed, this must be discussed on Google Hangout Meetings ONLY - NO IRC please for such topics : TODO
2- This blueprint will draw the general guidelines of this topic but for real results, meetings must be used and results will be shared here : INPROGRESS

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