List Revocation Events

Registered by Adam Young

List the events that lead to revoked tokens instead of the revoked token ids

revocation events will be a tuple: UserId, ProjectId, time.
The list of revocation events will only last until the project has expired.
Revocation lists will be grouped by domain id or project id

As a consequence of this blueprint, GET /v3/auth/tokens/OS-PKI/revoked should be deprecated.

This will close bug 1242620.

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Adam Young
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Adam Young
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Accepted for icehouse
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milestone icon 2014.1
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Dolph Mathews
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Thierry Carrez


I like the concept of grouping by domain (vs. group by project). As long as we
collect the revocation events for a given domain (if we don't know about the
domain yet, aka no events on the notification bus, no record of revocation
events). If an event for a (never before seen) domain comes across the bus,
we should request the full list of events for that domain. Would you expect a
complete refresh of the list on a domain for an event? --morganfainberg


- we can drop token persistence completely for PKI tokens (revocation list is
  the only reason we need it today)


OCSP - Online certificate status protocol


- tokens MUST be re-issued with the exact same expires_at to support explicit token revocation. issuing tokens with shorter expiration is no longer a valid option in the future.

To be Addressed:

Similar to other service we need to provide links in the events packet. Primarily we need to know the location of the bus from which to receive deltas.

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    Token Revocation Extension

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    append extension name to trust notifications

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    Notifications upon disable

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    Additional notifications for revocations

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    revocation events

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    SQL Backend for Revocation Events

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    Revocation events for keystonemiddleware


Work Items

Work items:
[ayoung] Define format for reporting items: TODO
[ayoung] spec out tool to determine if a token matches revocation criteria: TODO
[ayoung] determine how to report revoking a specific token: TODO
[ayoung] determine how to report token chain of allocation: TODO

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