Cross-Cloud Project Sync

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    Cern - primary
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    Aerospace - interestred party
    RedHat - interested party

Use case:

As a federated user of a foreign cloud when I add a new project in my local cloud- I would like to get that same project definition allocated across other clouds so that my users are speaking the same project-level semantics with proper authorization across clouds at the time of the federation.

Customer perceived priority:
    not a blocker but admin headache as we get wide adoption of image federation

Acceptance criteria:
    - project hierarchy synchronization performed across trusted clouds (name at least)
    - authorization synchronization (roles/permissions) out of scope as that is out-of-band agreement between clouds on how to handle that.

    Project in foreign cloud provisioned upon user federation within Keystone. Authorization to that project is based on SAML assertion (as is today). The issue then becomes cleanup -

Should the project be deleted:
    CADF message on some agreed-to-bus between 2 clouds is sent showing DELETE on project for a specific IdP/Domain.
    Foreign keystone listens to that bus and removes project/authorization to it when a DELETE for it comes through.
    Standard termination of resources attached to that project occurs (based on cloud implementation and out of scope for this).

Should the project be updated:
CADF message on some agreed-to-bus between 2 clouds is sent showing UPDATE on the project for a specific IdP/Domain. Update of projectID should not be allowed - really just description, name and enabled/disabled.

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(stevemar 2016-07-31): I haven't seen any updates or useful links for this blueprint. Please submit a specification to the keystone-specs repository instead.

+1 overall, rodrigods pointed me to this today when I realized this wasn't the existing behavior for k2k. -Dolph

Project IDs are already immutable, so that shouldn't be a concern.

agreed-to-bus: Unfortunately, this must be done with HTTP polling of some kind to scale globally.

This spec would be much simpler if we made the assertion that the *only* thing shared across clouds is the project ID -- and perhaps the initial values of project name & description. After that, each project is owned by each separate cloud and they just happen to share an ID. No further syncing necessarily needs to take place. -Dolph


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