NIC assisted mirroring

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1. Introduction

Contrail provides ability to mirror specific traffic to a traffic analyzer or to a physical probe by configuring rules to identify traffic to be mirrored and by specifying an analyzer or physical probe as the mirror destination. In addition, mirroring can be configured on VM interfaces to mirror all the traffic to and from the interface.

2. Problem statement

When mirroring is enabled, the vrouter throughput reduces because of the additional packet handling overheads. Cloning the packet to be mirrored, encapsulating it in the required header and forwarding it to the mirror destination causes this overhead and it increases in proportion to the amount of traffic that needs to be mirrored.

3. Proposed solution

A solution to avoid impact on throughput due to mirroring is to use NIC’s mirroring capabilities.

In this approach, the vrouter doesn’t mirror the packets. When NIC assisted mirroring is enabled, ingress packets coming from the VM that have to be mirrored are sent to the NIC with a configured vlan tag. The NIC is programmed to do VLAN port mirroring, that is any packet with the configured VLAN is mirrored additionally by the NIC. Note that this change in vrouter is only for traffic coming from the VMs. Traffic coming from the fabric is directly mirrored from the NIC itself and there is no additional mirroring need in vrouter.

The programming of the NIC itself for appropriate mirroring is outside the scope of the current activity. Niantic 82599 10G NIC is assumed, which supports VLAN port mirroring options.

3.1 Alternatives considered


3.2 API schema changes

The mirroring action will have an additional option to configure NIC assisted mirroring and the vlan tag to be used when this is enabled.

3.3 User workflow impact

The NIC needs to be programmed for VLAN port mirroring. While configuring mirroring in Contrail, user can indicate NIC assisted mirroring with the VLAN while specifying mirror action.

3.4 UI changes

Contrail UI supports mirroring configuration in the Ports page and in the Policies page. Here, the additional flag for NIC assisted mirroring and vlan tag would have to be taken from user.

3.5 Notification impact


4. Implementation

4.1 Assignee(s)

Development : Anand Krishnan, Jayaram Satya
Test : Shashikiran H

4.2 Work items

Change schema with the new options.
Change vrouter-agent to take the new configuration options and program the vrouter.
Change vrouter to vlan tag the packet and send it to the NIC and not do mirroring when this option is chosen.

5. Performance and scaling impact

5.1 API and control plane


5.2 Forwarding performance

With this option, vrouter througput should not be impacted whether or not mirroring is configured.

6. Upgrade

No impact. Existing mirror configurations will have NIC assisted mirroring option disabled by default.

7. Deprecations


8. Dependencies


9. Testing

9.1 Unit tests

Vrouter-agent unit tests to have options where NIC assisted mirroring is configured and unconfigured, to check the operational data reflects the configuration changes and to check that kernel sync is updated appropriately.

9.2 Dev tests

Enable port mirroring with NIC assisted mirroring and check that NIC receives vlan tagged packet and it mirrors the packet based on the configuration.

Disabled port mirroring and check that normal traffic forwarding happens.

Similar tests with policy based mirroring.

Check that mirroring without NIC assisted option works fine.

9.3 System tests

End to end tests for port based mirroring, policy based mirroring.
Mirroring regression tests.
UI tests to check all mirroring options including the new ones.
Check performance impact, that vrouter througput is maintained with this mirroring.

10. Documentation Impact

Mirroring documentation to explain the new options.

11. References

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It looks like it will be necessary to allocate a pool of VLAN IDs for mapping mirrored packets to destinations. During traditional (non-NIC assisted) mirroring a match condition and a mirror destination will be selected. In NIC assisted mirroring, these will still need to be specified but rather than actually mirroring to the destination the Contrail controller will need to allocate a VLAN per destination and the vRouter will need to apply the correct VLAN associated with the corresponding match conditions. The API/Heat resource will also need to return the allocated VLAN ID so that the (non-Contrail) process that configures the NIC for mirroring will be able to map each VLAN ID to the corresponding destination.


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