Unit diagnostics

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Support better observation of a unit, in order to quickly diagnose and evaluate a give unit.

This may mean any of the following.

- Integration of Juju logs in the GUI (requires Juju Core to publish charm log over API; ideally includes historical tail of recent log entries when watching begins) (ESSENTIAL)
- Integration of "vitals" metric reporting (HIGH)
- Integration of charm-specific logs in the GUI (MEDIUM)

The GUI provides a uniquely valuable and rich view on the overall status of a Juju environment.

User testing revealed a repeated request to be able to dig in, and in particular to see logs, when a problem is observed or for spot checks. We want to be able to support this desire, and increase the GUI's utility for this central use case.

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Gary Poster
Gary Poster
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- SA/devop sees a problem (install or start or relation). She wants to quickly look at the charm log to see what might help: retrying, or reconfiguring, or starting a new machine, or logging into the box and manually messing around.
- SA/devop looks at the GUI to find a healthy instance. He digs into logs to verify state, possibly to compare against an instance having a problem.
- SA/devop has GUI up on constant observation. When a charm reports a problem on a given unit (separate from normal Juju error reports), she digs into available logs for first stage diagnosis.
- SA/devop wants to see charm-reported metrics (i.e. requests/second) or more general metrics (i.e. memory usage or CPU usage) aggregated for a service or for a specific service.

- Requires work in Juju Core, and agreement on an additional "vitals" spec.
- Only a couple of bullet points, but a lot to build and coordinate among Juju teams


Work Items

Work items:
[juju-gui] On demand, GUI can show the last N lines of a unit's juju log and then begin to tail the log: TODO
[juju-gui] On demand, GUI can show the last N minutes of a unit's vital statistics and then begin to track them: TODO

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