Service and Unit Inspectors

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Let users work entirely within the environment view. This will mean rewriting all current detail views. When doing this, we plan to readdress the technical approach to this code to better handle concurrent changes.

As part of our work in improving the approach to concurrent changes, we hope that the Juju Core team will help us implement a SetUnit API call, replacing our use of AddUnit and RemoveUnit.

User testing revealed the disconnect between the environment view and other views as a primary usability problem. This addresses the issue.

Also, the GUI does not work well when used concurrently with other users. Fix this problem as we build the new UX.

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Gary Poster
Gary Poster
Juju GUI Hackers
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Gary Poster on 2013-05-21
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Gary Poster on 2013-09-25

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- work is not yet complete, and this work builds off of that effort. This may slow down our timeline.


Work Items

Work items:
[juju-gui] service and unit detail views can be used without leaving the environment view: TODO
[juju-gui] service and unit detail views are updated continuously to dynamically reflect changes in the environment: TODO
[juju-gui] service and unit detail views support edits while changes occur: TODO
[juju-gui] service and unit detail views communicate concurrent changes to edited data and invite the user to switch to the new value: TODO
[juju-gui] service and unit detail views support a restricted (readonly) mode: TODO
[juju-gui] service and unit detail views support a solid concurrency story for setting unit counts: TODO
[juju-gui] service and unit detail views can support having multiple services viewed simultaneously: TODO

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