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Include support for deployer files in GUI.

Deployer files, as used by Kapil's deployer tool, allow devops to automate larger deployments, and allow great demos of how Juju allows services to work together quickly. GUI support could make it easier to visualize them before deploying them, and would give the GUI a great demo tool.

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Gary Poster
Gary Poster
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Accepted for 14.05
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Gary Poster

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- Juju novice wants to see how a full deployment of wordpress would be done. He looks at a bundle without deploying it to investigate and understand.
- devops needs a customized wordpress site. She loads a deployer file, customizes it, and deploys it.

- We need to coordinate with Kapil and ecosystems on the use of the deployer
- The implementation will require a new server component of the GUI charm so that we do not reimplement the deployer, removing some of the theoretical deployment flexibility of the client-side-only version of the GUI.
- Local charm integration will be trick to support.
- Agreeing on how to publish deployer files is something that needs to be coordinated and would ideally be done by another team, like ecosystems or orange.


Work Items

Work items:
[juju-gui] GUI can import deployer-format files to an in-memory sandbox: DONE
[juju-gui] GUI can export deployer-format files from in-memory sandbox: DONE
[juju-gui] GUI can import deployer-format files to a full, connected Juju environment via a deployer instance: DONE
[juju-gui] GUI can export deployer-format files from a full, connected Juju environment: DONE
[juju-gui] bundles can be deployed from charmbrowser editorial content: DONE
[juju-gui] bundles can be published to the charm store: INPROGRESS
[juju-gui] bundles can be found in the charmbrowser: INPROGRESS
[juju-gui] bundles can be configured and adjusted before deployment, and deployed: TODO

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