Migration to Launchpad

Registered by Richard Gomes

In a nutshell:

* Migrate the wiki http://www.jquantlib.org
* Migrate the bug tracking system http://bugs.jquantlib.org
* Migrate the forums http://forums.jquantlib.org
* Migrate source code
* Create a Gradle build script
* Rewrite Users' Guide and Developer's Guide
* Store artifacts in Launchpad

Please find more details below in sections "whiteboard" and "work items".

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Richard Gomes
Richard Gomes
Richard Gomes
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Richard Gomes

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The migration to Launchpad aims primarily removing entry barriers for new contributors and also employing a more efficient project management website for the project.

Current status (for the impatient)

(DONE) jquantlib.org : migrate to jquantlib.readthedocs.org
(DONE) jquantlib.com : it's gone: redirects to jquantlib.org
(DONE) DVCS : migrate from github to launchpad
(DONE) Forums : migrated to Launchpad Answers
(DONE) Bugs : migrate to Launchpad Bugs
(KEEP) Mailing lists hosted by sourceforge.net
(KEEP) Artifacts hosted by sourceforge.net
(INPROGRESS) Artifacts : publish to Maven Central
(PLANNED) Hudson : migrate to Launchpad

Detailed Information

Activities (without any particular order of importance or priority)

* Retire the current in-house workflow and replace by Launchpad
Retire the in-house self registration process and authentication.
Retire the registration with SourceForge (done, already!)
Provide reliable and secure single-sign-on for wiki, bug-tracker, etc
=> All can be accomplished migrating to Launchpad.
=> Launchpad supports a workflow for "code review".

* Source repository: Migrate from Github to Bazaar.
Github can be kept only for convenience, in read-only mode.
The current repository in SourceForge must be deleted.

* Build script and Continuous Integration
Replace the current Maven script by a much simpler Gradle script;
Support for UML diagrams and LaTeX equations can be implemented in a later date.
=> See: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/SourceBuilds
=> Launchpad provides a simple build system.

* Artifact repository: Publish to Maven Central

* Artifact repository: Store artifacts in Launchpad.
For convenience and high availability, publish to Github and SourceForge.

* Migrate bug tracking system http://bugs.jquantlib.org
See: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/233139

* Migrate forums http://forums.jquantlib.org
=> Launchpad provides an area for "Answers"
=> The legacy forum history will NOT be migrated.

* Migrate wiki http://www.jquantlib.org
The current wiki at http://www.jquantlib.org/ must go!
Articles related to individuals or not directly related to JQuantLib must be migrated to somewhere else and must be owned by individuals.
Articles related to system administration must be migrated to a personal wiki, owned by Richard Gomes.
Articles related to JQuantLib must be transformed into "Answers" or "FAQs".
HTTP 301 need to be implemented in the current wiki during the transition period.
=> Launchpad does not currently provide a wiki area.

* What stays, for the time being
Keep mailing lists with SourceForge, but only for announcements.
Traffic must be redirect to Launchpad. In a future date, mailing lists in SourceForge will be naturally abandoned by users and developers.


Work Items

Work items:
Migrate www.jquantlib.org to ReadTheDocs.org: DONE
Migrate bugs.jquantlib.org to Launchpad: DONE
Migrate forums.jquantlib.org to Launchpad: DONE
Import sources from GitHub to Launchpad: DONE
Write simple Gradle build script: DONE
Rewrite Users' Guide: DONE
Rewrite Developers' Guide: DONE
Publish artifacts to Maven Central: INPROGRESS
Migration plan for Wiki articles: POSTPONED
Migrate hudson.jquantlib.org to Launchpad: POSTPONED

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