Support for UEFI secure boot in agent_ilo and iscsi_ilo drivers

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Some of the Ironic drivers supports UEFI deploy. It would be useful to the security sensitive customers to deploy baremetal using 'Secure Boot' supported by the UEFI.

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Shivanand Tendulker
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Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/uefi-secure-boot,n,z

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    Common changes for secure boot support

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    Secure boot support for iscsi_ilo driver

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    Secure boot support for agent_ilo driver

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    Update Ilo drivers to use REST API interface to iLO

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    Changes for secure boot support for iLO drivers

The above code landed in Kilo, and completes this work for agent_ilo and iscsi_ilo drivers. uefi-secure-boot is NOT functional for the pxe_ilo driver yet. The below patches add it, but were proposed too late in the cycle.

After discussing with Wan-Yen, I've agreed to mark this work as closed. Secure boot support was implemented for some drivers, as described in the spec. Adding support for additional drivers (as in the below code) should go through a spec, particularly given the late proposal involves switching to grub2.

Keeping these links here for reference.

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    Secure boot support for pxe_ilo driver

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    grub2 bootloader support for uefi boot mode

-Devananda, 6-April-2015

Copy of discussion in IRC:

11:25 AM <wanyen> The users who use pxe-less drivers (agent-ilo and iscsi-ilo) they can use secure boot. We will submit a ndew bp for secure boot for pxe-ilo driver for liberty
11:26 AM <wanyen> s/sdew/new
11:28 AM <devananda> wanyen: ty
11:28 AM <wanyen> devananda, thanks!

~BadCub - 06 April 2015

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    iLO driver documentation for UEFI secure boot


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