Add support of UEFI boot in Ironic

Registered by Wan-yen Hsu on 2014-04-30

This blueprint proposes to add UEFI boot for Ironic Deploy drivers:

- Add a new node property to indicate what boot modes are supported on the bare-metal node (e.g., UEFI, legacy or BIOS)
- Add boot-mode as a Nova flavor to enable selection of UEFI capable node.
- Changes in Ironic PXE Deploy driver
    - setting DHCP PXE options to UEFI
    - Configuring UEFI boot loader in CONF.pxe.pxe_boot_file_name
    - setting uefi boot mode and boot order
    - creating uefi boot config file
    - update_port_dhcp_opts needs to set boot file name to UEFI boot loader
- Changes in vendor-specific drivers are vendor dependent. Likely changes include setting uefi boot mode and boot order.

- DHCP server needs to configure to respond to UEFI options
- Create GPT if boot from local disk

Other changes including a new dib element may aslo be required to enable support of UEFI boot.

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Wan-yen Hsu
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Wan-yen Hsu
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Accepted for juno
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aeva black on 2014-08-11
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aeva black on 2014-09-15

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Investigation started.

Please see the proposed changes in this etherpad for Nova Ironic driver, PXE and iLO deploy driver modules.

- Faizan Barmawer

Gerrit topic:,topic:uefi-boot-for-ironic,n,z

Addressed by:
    UEFI support for Ironic deploy drivers

Patch implementing it:

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/uefi-boot-for-ironic,n,z

Addressed by:
    Add UEFI based deployment support in Ironic

Addressed by:
    Add uefi boot mode support in IloVirtualMediaIscsiDeploy.

Addressed by:
    Support for setting boot mode in pxe_ilo driver

Granting feature freeze exception until September 12.

Addressed by:
    Add documentation for PXE UEFI setup


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