Implement Cleaning States

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When a node has finished a workload, drivers should have the opportunity to run a set of tasks during immediately after tear down and before the node is available for scheduling again.

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Josh Gachnang
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    Implement Cleaning States

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    Implement execute clean steps

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    Implement Cleaning in DriverInterfaces

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    Add /nodes/<uuid>/cleaning/steps API

Gerrit topic:,topic:implement-cleaning-states,n,z

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    Add cleaning/zapping support to IPA

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    Implement cleaning/zapping for the agent driver

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    Add support for cleaning in Ironic driver (Nova)

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    Change clean_steps to a dict

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    Add dispatch to all managers

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03.16.2015 - REST API Items Open (3 4 & 5 on

*An API endpoint should be added to allow operators to see currently enabled clean steps and their ordering. This will be a GET endpoint at /nodes/<uuid>/cleaning/steps and will return the exact data noted above for get_clean_steps(), as a JSON document and ordered by priority.
*GET requests to the node’s API (/nodes/<uuid>) and node detail API (/nodes/details) should return the current node.clean_step as well.

Notes entered on 159322:
Bumping this API change to Liberty, as discussed on IRC just now, for a couple reasons:
1. this change isn't necessary for the actual "cleaning" to occur, and we're very short on time for Kilo-3
2. the semantics are different for in-band and out-of-band drivers
3. it merely lists the steps which the driver(s) think they are going to take, which may not be the actual steps taken

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    Use task.spawn_after to maintain lock during cleaning

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    Add documentation for Cleaning

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    Cleaning docs followup: Add that it's new in Kilo

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    Prevent power actions on node in cleaning

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    Update docs: No power actions during cleaning

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    Clarify message for power action during cleaning


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