Inkscape should support symmetrical drawing allowing the user to create symmetrical logos.

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The user can select the number of splits (e.g. 3 if he wants to draw the ubuntu logo, or other cool signs.)
the user starts drawing on one split and it's being duplicated on each split (by rotating around the center point).
a dialog appears with a spinbox letting you select the number of divisions. let's call it "n".
Inkscape creates n guide lines on the drawing area around a center point, creating n parts.
each thing the user draws on one part is being duplicated and rotated around the center n-1 time. if you want to draw a star (without using the builtin star) you select 5. then all you need to do is to draw a 1/5 of the star...

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2008-01-31 bryce: I don't understand this blueprint, can you please elaborate?

2008-02-02 bryce: Ah, that's clearer. Have you looked at tile clones? Draw a shape, then do Edit>Clone>Create Tiled Clones, select the Rotation tab, and experiment. Currently it does only grid-based (cartesian) symmetry, but perhaps could be enhanced to allow radial (polar coordinate) based symmetry as you're proposing. I've attached a spec template for this blueprint. Please experiment with the tile clone tool, and then elaborate on the linked wiki page how you think the tool could be modified to perform radial symmetric drawing. It might be useful to create a screenshot that illustrates how you think the tool should work.

[2011-08-31 ~suv] Related topic in the InkscapeForum (cloned layers, flipped and rotated - like a kaleidoscope):
Additional templates can be found here:

2011-11-20 Telcontar: Someone gave me a copy of Aldus IntelliDraw 2.0 a while back. For the most part it seems pretty ordinary, but it has a feature called the symmetrigon, that allows you to edit a shape and it dynamically reflects or rotates it:


This is like the star/polygon in Inkscape today, except that instead of being able to alter the "spoke ratio" and "rounded", you have full path editing capability of the shape. You get not only the ability to draw sawblades and other rotated items, but you can also draw reflected symmetrical objects. Unlike the clone option, this is a single solid object without worries about getting borders and fills to straddle the clone boundary properly, and you can change the number of rotated parts at will. (I turned off stroke and fill in the example images to show the edit handles more clearly.)

I truly hope that this is what's in the works for Inkscape.


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