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This blueprint stems from several discussions on the mailing list about which format should be available in Save as or in Export and whether some should be exclusively available in only one of those.
It basically proposes to restrict save functionality to only Inkscape's native formats and to give the export dialog an overhaul in order to fit all other export formats in it.

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2008-10-18 pbhj: added an additional element to the export suggestion for automated raster export, wishlist 171362

2008-06-03 bryce: Bulia, when you get a chance could you give an update on the progress of this blueprint?

2010-10-23 inkscapeb: I agree with this blueprint. I really really need to be able to work in one big inkscape master svg file, and then export off, from time to time, certain selected parts of it as pdf's. Right now it's a pain - you have to first (a) save your master svg file, then (b) change the document size to fit the selection, then (c) export as a pdf, then (d) reopen your original svg file, because now inkscape has gone to the pdf file!

2010-10-23 ~suv: @inkscapeb -- issue (d) can be avoided if you save a copy as PDF (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+S) instead of saving as PDF (Shift+Ctrl+S). 'Save a Copy' in general is closer to 'Export' than 'Save as' and imho recommended for any vector format other than SVG and SVGZ (Inkscape's native format).

2016-10-01 VictorWestmann. Hi everyone. I strongly belive that separating SAVE AS... from EXPORT AS... features would be amazing. It would make things way easier to use and to understand. We could mimic gimp behavior (which already successfully uses this 2 features separately in "File" menu.
SAVE AS... should only save native file formats for Inkscape (such as SVG files in all forms).
EXPORT AS... should point to PNG, JPG, PDF, EPS, PS and all other file formats that are non native for the Inkscape program. Here is a link to an image I made earlier today to exemplify this:

2017-03-02 Marc Weber
Export / Saves should be implemented like in Gimp for the following reasons
1) you can export .pdf -> pdf filter will be chosen
2) I often save as .svg and export as pdf -> pdf will be remembered in the export dialog -> thus often do what I want. Thus ctrl-shift-s and ctrl-shift-e will get my job done.

As alternative you could change the save as dialog to "save as svg and export as" allowing to store multiple formats -> because whatever you do it will be what you need. (exporting to latex, sif, pdf, rendering as png ...) you get it.

Maybe there is another way to get the workflow done but the solutions given above are "good enough" and required by almost everyone.

2018-07-09 VictorWestmann - This would be so much benefitial in so many levels... +1 for this.


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