Ability to Paste an object forward or backward an other one

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It's a "simple" tool that can save hours in work, avoiding using layer manager or setting up a Z-position "by hand" : two shortcuts (for example Ctrl+F and Ctrl+B) to use with an object selected and an other object in clipboard.
Clipboarded object will paste forward or backward the previously selected object, allowing to manage Z-position of objects intuitively and quickly (this one forward this one, this one backward this one...). This feature must silently "paste in place" in addition.
Menus like "Edit --> Paste Forward" and "Edit --> Paste Backward" are evidently welcome, but the feature come with a full interest only if it use shortcuts.

Thanks for your great work

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2016-10-07 VictorWestmann: I don't get it. Could you please provide further explanation on this feature?

If I'm not mistaken there is only one clipboard slot in (for example) Windows machine. And to edit shortcuts in Inkscape you should go to (with the program opened) Edit > Preferences > Interface > Keyboard Shortcut.

2016-10-08 skam (new pseudo : nylnook) : It's been 8 years, I believed no one will ever read this blueprint ! Thanks VictorWestmann ;)

I'll try to explain another way : I know how to change shortcuts, and we don't need more than one clipboard slot.
It's an alternative and efficient way to manage Z-depth (or the pile of vector objects), just by adding two menu entry + shortcuts.

Imagine you want to move an object in front of (or behind) another one.
1/ Select it.
2/ Cut it (Ctrl + X)
3/ Select the other object
4/ Paste it in front of it (Ctrl + F) (at same X an Y position, but Z = other object Z+1)

To paste behind, use Ctrl + B.

To be clear, you can do that in Illustrator (even if I didn't use it since 2008), and it's much more quicker and intuitive than managing the Z pile with the "Lower selection to bottom (End)" + "Lower one step (Page Down)" + "Raise selection one step (Page Up)" + "Raise selection to top (Home)" buttons.

I suppose it's not a lot of code, but it will be a real help for users.


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