A filter effects dialog for non-advanced users with higher level abstraction of effects

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The current filter effects dialog (inkscape 0.46) is a direct mapping of svg's filter related attributes and tags. I propose a dialog with a set of predefined filters (internaly composed of specific combinations of filter primitives) with settings more easily comprehensible for users that do not necessarily understand the internal workings of svg filters.

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2008-03-01 Adam Borowski: I can think of two possible UIs:
* a list of fully predefined filters, with no gauges/etc. It could be done as just a simple expandable tree. Perhaps even on the same dialog as current filters, in the form of an initially collapsed node (listbox -> treeview). Selecting one would copy it to the main list.
* something more complex, with filters having settable attributes. Simple blur has opacity, my pet filter "fuzzy aura" has radius, border color and fill color, and so on.

mental 2008-03-03
* The implementation of stock filters should probably use the existing "stock asset" infrastructure we have in place for patterns, markers, etc.

2008-06-03 bryce: Definitely a good idea - even advanced users get confused by this the way it's implemented currently. I've pasted in a spec template at the above link. Please flesh this out into a full spec. If anyone wishes to take on implementation of this, please say so here in this whiteboard.

2010-11-17 - Jazzynico.
I'm currently working with Ivan Louette (who designed lots of stock filters in the current Inkscape version) on improving the stock filters by adding user friendly parameters. Unfortunately, my C++ knowledge is rather limited and I can't implement exactly what is explained in this blueprint, but I've tried to do something useful with the internal extensions system. Some examples are available in the trunk. Comments are welcome!


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