Named color swatches dialog

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Unlike gradients and patterns, color cannot be currently shared in Inkscape. This is a blueprint for named colors - colors that are specified by name instead of value, so they can be changed and whatever objects in the drawing are using them, will change accordingly.


2008-01-31 bryce: Spec as drafted looks good, marking Approved. Next, need to identify an owner for implementing the spec.

2008-02-22 joncruz: Looks much like things that have been planned, very nice. However there are some aspects that would be good to add that takes it beyond "color swatches" and more to some ideas I've been working on and calling "Open SwatchBook". The thought is to focus more on the artists view of things and physical decorator swatch books.

2008-06-03 bryce: Just waiting on a volunteer to take ownership of this spec. If you wish to take ownership of this, just report here in the whiteboard and get in contact with joncruz.


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