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That would be great if you could edit multiple pages (similar like in DIA). I am using Inkscape for drawing diagrams and when the diagram gets bigger than just one page I'd like to add "new page" next to the current one, but edit them as "one document". "Pages" could be next virtual-layer, or whatever.

It is not so important whether guides work for all pages or layer is in all pages or only in the one. For my needs those functionalities are not so important, however it could be flexible perhaps all options would be useful.
For me pages could have the same size, however if they could be moved around the workspace and have different sizes. As I wrote before, my understanding is that pages could be a separate layer and are only for printing purposes. When you have very big diagram and want to print just a few parts of it.

I'll try to attach an example view (but the launchpad is new for me, so I am not sure if I will be able to do it later)

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The extension should be bundled with the next release to provide interim support for this.

[2016-12-24 Victor Westmann] What I think it could work for our beloved Inkscape project is to add lots of cool and amazing features and, if they're are not SVG compliant WARN the user the following (in the status bar or with some dialog box): ENABLING THE FOLLOWING FEATURE WILL NOT MAKE YOUR SVG FILE FULLY COMPLIANT WITH SVG 1.0 (/1.2/2.0/whatever number) STANDARDS. Do you want to save it as Inkscape SVG only?

2018-07-12 VictorWestmann - I guess this is terrible idea since Inkscape strives to be a fully SVG compliant editor.


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