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Among the Inkscape's good points, one is that it's not only easy to use but it looks so. That leads to thinking that an Inkscape version for kids would be a great project. Some suggested changes would be making GUI fit children's tastes and be simpler and friendly. Also most complicated features should be removed.
Inkscape would be the first vector graphic editor doing this AFAIK, so coming generations would probably try it prior to any others thus getting more familiar with Inkscape while spreading it. There are chances of nice advertising and great opportunities as well. Just suggestion. God bless you all.

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Perhaps if toolbar/menu customization becomes easier, this could simply be a matter of creating custom toolbars with a limited set of tool buttons (and maybe even hiding the menu bar for very young kids). This has the added benefit that more advanced tools can be added easily as the user rather than requiring a separate application-Tom Davidson Feb 22, 2008

This is very much in line with a few different things that have been looked at. We're actually at a very good point to look into extending configuration to support this. - Jon A. Cruz Feb 22, 2008.

I think what's most interesting about this concept is that what holds true to make it more appealing to kids will also be a very nice incentive for artists to adopt the tool to begin with. Look at ArtRage / Alias Sketchbook vs. Painter for commercial examples. People are looking for tools that (while they might not provide every feature under the sun) provide a decent amount of functionality, but do so in a way that doesn't make you want to scratch out your eyes looking for some hidden option somewhere. Inkscape is pretty bad about it's dialog configurations, which is the biggest hangup for younger kids (and some adults.) I'd start there, get it down to a zero-dialog setup and maybe even include an option to have files auto-saved as the date they were started or something so that forgetful kids and adults can just sit down and use the tool and not worry about managing their workflow all the time. - Thomas Ingham Sept 6, 2008

I think that one important step for a simpler workflow is to make it easier to work with paths. Automate conversion from object to path, as soon as you do anything path-like with an object; make a "join tool" which is capable of both "combine" and joining endpoints (and does not require the paths to be selected before the tool); make a similar "cut tool" which is capable of either "break apart" or cutting a path; make gesture-sensitive "smooth/unsmooth tool" which changes corners to smooth with a stroke, or to corners with a click. Several of these ideas mean moving from object-verb workflow to verb-object, as most tools work. - Jameson Quinn, 3/25/09


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