FIXD Review: A Car Diagonostic Tool

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FIXD is a small electric gadget that connects your car to your android/IOS device and translates the ‘technical heartbeat’ of your car into simple easy English language so that you can always track the health of your car. You can check the Engine light information and know which type of repair is required. It also gives you a maintenance timeline that will tell you when you should go for the next service. So you don’t need to worry about the maintenance cycle. A lot of times car-servicing is based on vehicle mileage as in the number of miles you have travelled in your car. FIXD will keep an in-depth running log of your vehicle’s history. This is a very helpful feature because it’s good to know what is the actual age of your car is. The continuous monitoring system will give you regular updates and feedbacks about your car, it will alert you if it detects any problem. FIXD works on multiple cars so you can use it for your whole family. Just imagine the amount of money you are going to save. FIXD can work on different varieties of cars. It works on all gas-powered and hybrid cars that were made after 1996. It also works on diesel-based vehicles made after 2008. It also works on trucks that weigh under 14500 lbs. that run on gas. FIXD comes with a smart sensor that recognizes more than 6800 different problems affecting your car and also hamper the car engine. It can easily diagnose the main illness of the check engine alarm in your car. It helps you to know the issues with your car before going to a mechanic. FIXD app is a very convenient to use, it gives you a clear feedback on your check engine light when needed. The application will alert you to take actions against those problems. I personally love the app as it tells me the status of my car and highlight the current issues. It also asks you to stop the vehicle and turn it off so that you do not damage the vehicle. Due to these suggestions the App reduces the unnecessary expenses.

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