The purpose of this spec is to improve guides usability by adding more features: lock/unlock, moveable guides, color selection...

Registered by Pablo Trabajos

This specs talks about adding the following features to guides:
- A tab similar to the one for Grids on the Documents Properties dock.
- Drop-down list for guide selection.
- Boxes with angle and coordinates of currently selected guide (maybe integrate current pop-up dialog?).
- Color chooser for every.
- Lock/Unlock (selectable and movable along with the objects or not).
- Movable guides: this means:
--- A set of key modifiers for moving, erasing, rotating and setting the center of guides on canvas with mouse.
--- Center can be snapped like any other node.

And maybe others...


2008-03-12 bryce: Spec looks good. Just need someone to volunteer for implementing it.
2008-03-12 Pablo: Good news :) Unfortunately I'm not a programmer, so someone else should do it. I'm open to discussion with any volunteers.

2008-06-03 bryce: Just waiting on a volunteer to take ownership of this spec. If you wish to take ownership of this, just report here
in the whiteboard.
2008-10-18 kattekrab: perhaps the spec needs to be broken down into chunks so that it is easier for someone to start implementing it?

2013-03-29 frenchie4111: Is someone already working on this? I see some partially working code for it.


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