XPhone Review: Official Android 5.7″Smartphone XOne Phone Smartphone

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Xone Phone gave me a top-notch experience on my budget! The 720p HD+ Resolution to be exact comes with a great screen size that almost takes up the whole of the front panel. Best viewing and gaming experience. With Xone Phone you don’t need to worry about low storage. Xone Phone comes with 16GB storage and a memory card slot, in case you want more space you can extend it easily. I use it with a 32 GB memory card that is more than enough. Even at this price I got a phone that looks so beautiful and vibrant. While holding the device you won’t feel that it’s a cheaper version of any ordinary android phone. The feel is rich and premium. Xone Phone comes with a 5.7 inch HD+ Multi-Touch IPS Capacitive Screen with beautiful colours and crystal clear image. You can personalize the home screen as you wish, just as with any other smartphone. The fingerprint and Face recognition that increases the security and makes it convenient for you to unlock your phone. Xone Phone supports dual sim cards as it comes with a dual sim port in which you can put two different sim cards. I personally use one for mobile data and one for calling. There are only a few devices in the world that are actually outstanding and yet they are extremely affordable. I feel Xone phone is one of them. I’ve seen same phones in the market that costs up to thousand dollars. The Xone Phone costs $398 only, such aggressive pricing is rare. Xone phone has a 3350mAh Li-polymer battery that makes it a long-lasting phone. So no more frequent recharging and no more stress about low battery. The battery standby time is 290 hours. I’ve seen standard phones at this price bracket. As compared to them Xone Phone does a pretty decent job. The face and fingerprint unlock provides top-notch levels of safety, you can extend memory up to 128GB. It has Quad-core 1.3GHz processor that gives you an incredible performance, camera performance is also very impressive.

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