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This would use similar functions as the flood fill tool, the user paints a 1-bit image (the resolution of which should be modifiable), when the pen/mouse is released the bitmap is vectorized and then deleted. The same tool can act as an eraser, where the user paints an erased area, which is vectorised and then boolean-subtracted from the current shape.

This tool creates a very unique look and is very intuitive. It is also very different in it's function to the Calligraphy tool despite their superficial similarities.

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At this time there is a lack of information in the specification. Needs to be fleshed out, especially considering the new eraser tool in SVN and paint bucket in 0.46. Needs an example of how Flash style paint tool works. This specification will be review again when additional information is provided. - Joshua L. Blocher ( verbalshadow) 3 Jun 2008
I've created an image to visually illustrate what I believe the tool should do, I've tried to create this tool myself, with little success (I had some success, but not a lot).
Here it is: http://www.wahooney.net/FlashTool.jpg

It's a simple case of creating an bitmap, painting on it (with pressure sensitivity), passing that to potrace, remove the bitmap and that's it.
You can get more complicated and make it more like flash where it boolean subtracts from any path below it (and deleting itself when used in erase mode).
You can also have it union with paths that have the same colour/style applied to it.

You can include Flash's tools more advanced features by having Inside/Outside functions:
Inside: when you paint inside a path (in it's filled area) it is constrained to that area (achieved with a boolean intersect)
Outside: when you paint outside the path, any paint inside is clipped away (achieved with a boolean subtract)

I hope this is enough info is enough. Personally I'd be happy with just the paint done, but obviously the more features the merrier.

This sounds to be somewhere in between the eraser tool and calligraphy tool and maybe possible.
Though most likely there will be no raster to vector conversion involved and the add-or-subtract aspect can be done with the calligraphy tool and an optional key toggle - Joshua L. Blocher ( verbalshadow) 3 Jun 2008


The raster > vector conversion is actually essential to this tool, where calligraphy gives you sharper corners (at angles > 180 degrees), this method rounds them off giving you an effect that is closer to actual painting than the caligraphy tool does.

No, I would say the raster->vector conversion is merely an implementation detail, and the end result can be achieved many different ways. The current calligraphy tool has a few options that control the "feel" of the result, and it is not too difficult to add more. Just changing the calculated "tip" from a line to a circle (a planned enhancement due to the eraser tool) looks like it will address the issues you described.

Focusing more on the "what" you want to end up with instead of the "how" you think we need to get there would be good.
"I *need* raster->vector conversion" = no
"I need rounded corners at angles over 180" = yes


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