A new tool to fillet or chamfer the cusps of paths

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A new tool to fillet or chamfer the cusps of paths

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2008-01-31 bryce: This is a good idea, but please flesh out the concept in more detail regarding how the workflow should work, and take into consideration how it should function in various corner cases (like if a path + rect were selected, circle + star, more than 2 objects, non-intersecting lines, etc.)

2008-02-02 bryce: Coming along nicely. In the design section, also be sure to outline how the UI for this should be implemented (new buttons, new dialogs, modifications to existing UI elements, etc.)

2008-02-04 Tom Davidson: I added a link to a bug that requests separately rounded corners for rectangles, since the fillet tool would at least make this possible. Not sure if this is a perfect fit, but hey, it's the whiteboard!

2008-06-03 bryce: Setting to approved, additional detail on the UI layout would be nice, but the spec is good enough to go forward as is. Joel, when you get a chance can you give an update on the status of this feature?

2009-12-09 Johan Engelen: To check the fillet math, I strongly advise to first make an LPE that fillets the whole path. That way, you can quickly check many different paths and discover problems. I think it does have merit to implement this as a tool afterwards (instead of keeping the LPE). An advantage of having an LPE is that the filleting can be undone easily, an the original path can be edited. A disadvantage is that is will be hard to selectively fillet a part of a path.

2010-12-04 Mads Boserup Lauritsen: Maybe the fillet tool should be a part of the "path tool", so you could change the radius at each node by dragging. In the rectancle tool it is also possible to specify the "rx" and the "ry" so each corner will be rounded. Maybe this feature could be a start?

2010-12-06: Mads Boserup Lauritsen: This is better described at the related bug "Rounded corners for path tool" (see above) and the diagram attached to this https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape/+bug/202751/+attachment/231480/+files/rcp.svg

2011-07-08 Andreas Becker: I had the same idea and already started to implement a LPE before I discovered this blueprint. My idea is to use KnotHolderEntity in order to make the nodes clickable after the LPE is applied, that means the knots are at the same positions like the nodes. At first, no roundings are created. By clicking a knot from KnotHolderEntity, the rounding status is toggled (rounded or not rounded ...). For each rounded node, a new ScalarParameter defining the rounding radius is registered and dynamically added to the LPE window. The nodes are numbered while editing to make the assignment between the nodes and their radiuses clearly visible.

2011-07-14 Andreas Becker: For the implementation, it must be generally possible to assign properties (the radius) to nodes. A Geom::Point should have a std::map<char * (propid), void * (value)> or sth. equivalent. This would also be useful for future features like constraints between nodes.

2014-08-06 ~suv: A new path effect 'Fillet-Chamfer' has been committed to the experimental branch <lp:inkscape/experimental> (initial commit in r13354), developed by Jabier Arraiza Cenoz.


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