Washzilla Review : Ceramic Laundry balls

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Yes! Strong chemical detergents can damage your clothes and reduce their lives. Don’t worry! Luckily we have an alternate option for such harmful chemical-based detergents! Washzilla is a cleaning ball that can be used in place of detergent which is chemical free! I have been using Washzilla from the past few weeks. I have also read other reviews that suggests that this ball is the most efficient way to keep clothes clean.The company provides Satisfaction Guarantee to the customer, which means that if the product does not work, then the customer has the chance to ask for a refund in 30 days. I agree with the clothing experts that harmful chemical detergents shouldn’t be used. On the other side, Washzilla is free from toxic chemical. It contains natural minerals in the ceramic structure of the ball. Washzilla comes inside a box, unlike soaps, liquid or powder detergents it needs no container to be stored. There is no criteria for temperature too. Washzilla is absolutely safe for small kids, it will not cut their hands, in case they happen to hold it. Due to its abrasive surface, it is capable of polishing or cleaning clothes in an efficient way. This handy device won’t react with hot or cold water like normal chemical detergents often do. If you use it with hot water it will compliment and kill all bacteria and germs. This product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.That’s the amount of trust they have in their powerful product.This device is reusable and you can use it every day. Since it is made with high quality material it is safe and sustainable. You don’t need to refill the jar or your detergent boxes from now onwards.The cleaning solutions that are available in the market are filled with perfume and added fragrances, they have no significance in washing your clothes. Washzilla has no such added fragrances. Hence Washzilla is not a scam! It is made with authentic quality of silicon and has been proved through the health department that Washzilla is allergens free and bacteria free crystal balls.

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