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I think that Inkscape SHOULD really badly have this feature: just like Adobe CS 3 Ilustrador has it. Its a feature called 'live color' [ section 'live color']. It offers you the possibility to change colors together, as a group. Itll be awesome to have this in Inkscape. Thanks for the excellent software!

A better link/example for this feature is:
search in the page for: 'live color feature'

And here is a video showing live color feature only:


2008-03-25 Krzysztof KosiƄski : I think some of this is covered by the Named Color Swatches proposal. The Adobe page doesn't explain too well what this feature is about.

2008-06-03 Jon A. Cruz : This sounds like an overlap of the named color stuff, Open SwatchBook, and what I've been calling "live colors" but are actually dynamic tints, tones and shades based on an 'anchor' color.

Given that the referenced URL complains about Adobe's complexity, I think Inkscape can implement this better.

2008-07-09 Pajarico: There is a plugin that creates palettes based on a target color and contrast. Is nothing like Live Colors but could be worth a look.

2008-07-15 drsounds: Though there is not any kind of live color feature implemented in inkscape, there is an easy way to do such behaviour in inkscape. Create a new gradient, name it whatever you want and then open the XML editor. Expand the svg:defs element, click on the apporiate gradient you've created and remove one of the stops, so there is only one stop left. If you need, set the opacity of the stop in the gradient dialog to 1 and then choose your color. Create objects and assign their fill to that gradient. Then change the color again and voila - you will ha a such feature.

Another way to do this is to open the xml editor, create a svg:style element with type "text/css" and create a class element with a special fill color. Assign it then to any object you want to affecct with the class definiton. Doesn't works in inkscape, but works in svg readers.

2016-10-01 VictorWestmann : I'm not sure that'll work. Could you elaborate more on that? What I really wanted to have inside Inkscape program would be a feature similar to this one shown on the video:
Lock a certain number of color in such a way that when you changed one of them others would change in a similar way. Like to movement of the color change, inside the color wheel, would. I hope the video can give you guys a better comprehension of what I wanted to say in here. Thanks!

2016-10-10 VictorWestmann: found a super cool website that is way easier to understand this feature and hopefully you guys can make it way better than Adobe's implementation. :-)

2018-07-09: VictorWestmann - thank you very much for staring the work on this feature request. Very much appreciated! ;-)


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