Better management of layers (duplicate, drag & drop)

Registered by DannyKing on 2008-09-22

Layers in Inkscape are great but they could be improved immeasurably for me if I had the following ability:

* Drag and drop layers to alter their position and to make them into sub-layers or move them out of sub-layers.
* Duplicate a layer, including all of its content.



2009-09-09 Will Pittenger You can duplicate layers now, but you have to right-click a layer or use the XML editor and dup the node.

2010-12-07 Jesper Öqvist: Linked bug 170533. I would very much like to see thumbnails in the layer dialog.

2013-12-22 Joddy Schäfer: Corel has an efficient layer management that would be appropriate for Inkscape.


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