A Colorscheme designer for the Inkscape palette

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Agave (http://home.gna.org/colorscheme/) is a Colorscheme designer for the Gnome desktop licensed under GPL and written in C++/Gtkmm.

Here is the idea :
At now, there is no way to generate a palette directly in Inkscape (we have to use an external text editor, place this text in the good folder, and reload Inkscape). It's a great lack in term of graphic design and usability.
It would be great if we can just drag-and-drog an object on the palette and generate a new color-item in the palette list.

But it would be even greater if this palette could integrate a colorsheme designer in a window, because it's the best tool to generate a palette (as far as I know), and it's made for. It would be aslo a great complement to the Fill and stroke window.
Use Agave is the ideal way to implement this easily, if Jonathon Jongsma (the Agave creator) agree. Anyway, if he didn't, the license is the same (GPL).
Furthermore it's an ideal way to start improving the Inkscape palette, and make it a complete tool, working in two ways (generate objects from colors, and generate colors from objects).

Arguments :
- it would be a great tool to generate palettes in Inkscape, with easiness and pertinency, and it's an ideal way to start improving the Inkscape palette, and make it a complete tool.
- Potrace have been integrated to Inkscape, and it's a great success, why not Agave ?
- Technically speeching, Agave have a lot of common points with Inkscape (written in C++/Gtkmm).
- Agave and Inkscape share the same license (GPL).
- Agave have a good, well think, interface, an it could be integrated as an Inkscape dockable window as it is.
- Agave already allow color drag-and-drop from Agave to Inkscape, and from Inkscape palette to Agave (part of the job is done).
- Agave share the same colorspaces with Inkscape (RVB, HSV, hexa)
- the whole Agave source-code (with icons and stuff) weight only 762,7 KB, so it's not a big add for package distribution.
- Agave do not introduce new dependencies, is stable, powerful, and lightweight. It is done to do one thing, and do it well (from Inkscape FAQ).

If you have any questions, please ask me at cbissuel-at-yagraph-dot-org. I'm graphic designer, not coder, so I can't propose a patch, but I'm at your disposal for working on it as far as I can.

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