The weather data we get is to do the processing, or direct display.

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We have two bugs,and is hard to resolve:
There are two views for development of the software:
1.We'd better add a log file or database to record the latest information. As in above case, if we recorded the information of 9am at 9:10am, when we get the information of 8am at 9:20am, we just show the latest, i.e., information of 9am.Sometimes, the current temperature is lower than the min temperature or higher than the max temperature,modify the current temperature to make it look right
2.The applications is just the weather data show platform,we get the weather information from National Meteorological Center of CMA,and just show it.We do not need database and not modify the current temperature to make it look right,so that the application can run faster,our os system start-up speed is faster.We also can remove the high temp and low temp from the indicator itembox,just show the current weather info in it,users can find them in forecast ui.

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[Jack Yu] I think it's better do some simple process of data from URL, to make information more ‘corrent’ to users.
[Jack Yu] About high temp and low temp, I think keeping them at the first click will save time for users. They are most concerned information when I use this tool, so I suggest to keep them.
[Jiaowen Li]Supports the second solution. Because of the real-time temperature is uncontrollable, if we want to change the maximum and minimum temperature deviation in real-time that will bring a lot of trouble!
[bing he]My Idea:Keep the high-temp and low-temp. We just need to get the information and presented to the user. It's not suitable for using too much system resourcecheck weather forecasts
[Shine Huang] Ding!
[Jack Yu] Shine, what do you support? Yan Wang, Kobe,, what's your opinion?
[Kobe Lee] Increase the number of cities, and modify the configuration file using gsettings or dconf.
[Kobe Lee] I don't think it necessary to retain. if users concerned about high and low temperature, he will also pay attention to the weather forecast. And in the weather widget, high and low temperature had show.
[wangyan]when i check weather information,i only care the weather is sunny or rainy,the temprature is low or high and the weather forecast information. I don't think it is necessary to process the information,directly display will be better.
[Jack Yu] OK, I think it's time to conclude. It seems that most of you guys support the second ideas. I will list the work items in the following section.


Work Items

Work items:
[jackyu] Close Bug #1129897: DONE
[jackyu] Change Bug #1131488: DONE
[vaguedream] Finish Bug #1131488: DONE

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