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This blueprint proposes to

* Allow an administrator user to add the description
information when he/she creates a volume type.

* Allow an administrator user to update the description of an existing
volume type.

* Allow a user to have the information about what the volume type including
the No volume type means when the user creates a volume.

* Allow an administrator user to update the name of an existing
volume type. (This is maybe, because the API for cinder to update volume
type name requires more discussion in cinder)


Currently we have the following problems:

* Volume types only have abstract names like gold, silver and bronze
  or whatever the Openstack administrator comes up with. When a user creates
  a volume and chooses which volume type to use, currently it is difficult
  for a user to find out what the volume type means.

* When a user creates a volume without specifying a volume type, once the
  volume gets created, the volume type assigned to that volume could be a
  default volume type or None. There is no way for a user to find out
  what is the No volume type means.

Volume type description and information about None volume type can help a
user make an informed decision when the user creates a volume.


The following changes will be applied:

1. Admin->System->Volumes->Volume Types tab
- Add description textarea to the existing "Create Volume Type" dialog box.
- The "Volume Types" table will include the description column.
- The column of the volume type description should be in-line editable.
- The column of the volume type name should be in-line editable. (maybe, it depends on cinder API discussion)
- "Edit Volume Type" action menu will be added for each volume type

2. Project->Compute->Volumes->Volumes tab
- Update existing "Create Volume" dialog box to show volume type description at right side of the dialog form when volume type choices field is available. When volume type choices field is not available, the description for volume type should not be there either.
- There will be also a description when "No volume type" is selected.


Most of the changes should be straight forward. However, I would like to have UX folks to
shed some light on the way of showing volume type description when a user creates a volume described above in Description->2 makes sense.

Outside Dependencies:

It depends on cinder and python-cinderclient changes which have been landed in kilo-1


url :
spec has been merged and approved.

Note: Allowing admin to change volume type name is still under discussion, it might land and might not land in kilo-2. Will remove the name change if changing name can not be passed in cinder. Should be able to know by kilo-2

Requirements Update Required:

Should not have requirement impact. Current horizon cinder client default is v2. The cinder API and client v2 for changing description has been landed kilo-1.

Doc Impact:

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David Lyle
Gloria Gu
Richard Hagarty
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Accepted for liberty
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milestone icon 8.0.0
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Gloria Gu
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Lin Hua Cheng

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    Added volume type description for volume type

[david-lyle | 2014-12-17] This will require a requirements update, the minimum version of the client will need to support this new functionality, unless it's a detectable extension. Please update the text above or explain what I'm missing. Thanks!

Thanks David Lyle, you are right. I will update it.

[david-lyle | 2015-03-03] python-cinderclient hasn't released making this unlikely for Kilo, moving out.

the client is only the second part for name change. It is a little bit confusing. Since the original API and client have been splitted.

The API and client for description change and getting default volume type has been merged in kilo -1.

Rich might need to split the UI to remove the name changing part.

[richard-hagarty | 2015-03-04] Just a quick update. As Gloria suggested, I have split out the volume type name change from the Horizon patch (133872). All the supporting cinder changes to handle volume type descriptions has been reviewed and merged. Patch is ready for review and testing.

Gerrit topic:,topic:review/gloria_gu/bp/volume-type-description,n,z

[lhcheng 2015-8-24] is already merged


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