Snapshot listing page for every volume

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Snapshot listing page per volume should be accessible in project/admin users.

Snapshot listing page per volume should be accessible in project/admin users.

Introduce a snapshot listing page per volume. This page will be visible in
Admin/Projects dashboards. In case of large number of snapshots the All 'Volume
Snapshots' page becomes huge. Also some of the systems have scheduled snapshots. The snapshot name are long string in these cases. Here searching for a snapshot in all snapshots becomes difficult. If one has to look at all the snapshots in context of a volume then this proposed view becomes useful. Having snapshot listing page per Volume will
help user getting to results faster

Currently the snapshots are listed for all the volumes under 'Volume Snapshots'
page at (Admin/Project)->(System/Compute)->Volumes->Volume Snapshots. We do
have filters so that we can get the desired result. This page is just to help user view/act on snapshot of a volume without loosing the context of the
Volume getting views. Otherwise the user need to remember the volume context and populate the filter or sort. Sometime when systems are scheduled to take snapshots we can really get a lot of snapshots here in scaled environment. This view will be alongside the volume details view. It will be another tab that will appear as a 'Snapshots' for volume in context.

This page will be similar to the 'Volume Snapshot' but filtered on volume. It will provide all the necessary actions as the 'Volume Snapshot' page provides. This will appear as another tab next to volume details.

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Test cases on similar lines for 'Volume Snapshots' will be applicable here.

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If this goes through then we need to make a doc change that a Snapshot listing is available ti Volume

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Richard Jones
Vivek Agrawal
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Vivek Agrawal
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Proposed for 11.0.0-ocata
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Rob Cresswell

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I'm not sure how a separate "single volume snapshots" view differs from just filtering the existing "volume snapshots" to list only one volume's snapshots. I can't see why we need a whole new view just to perform filtering. I think you need to expand on that justification. -- Richard Jones 2017/1/12

This page will be present at per volume level and not all volume level. If user is already in context of a volume then it is real easy to look at the list of snapshots for that volume. In user has scheduled snapshots then it will be nice to show all snapshots in context of the volume to the user at the same level as Volume details. Also sometimes the volume, snapshot names are auto generated and are difficult to remember. This page will make the list of snapshots for a volume readily available to the user in easy way. It will also be useful for Admin users where the list of volumes and snapshots are for a bunch of projects. Summary 'This page will give user a listing of all snapshot in context of the volume. Because user has already drilled down to volume details, showing a list of snapshot for that volume gives better usability experience to the user.'

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Marking obsolete as this is done by and has been taken over :)


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