Support different types of Neutron network providers

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Currently, Horizon doesn't support the different Quantum network providers types when creating a new network, automatically defaulting to network provider type "local". Also, Horizon doesn't show any network provider type information about an existing network.

Horizon should make use of the different types exposed by the Quantum api, as detailed in

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[amotoki] As you may know, what types of provider network types depends on an underlying plugin. It is a tricky point of of provider network and currently quantum does not provide a way to know which network types are supported. While OVS plugin supports gre, vlan, Linux Bridge plugin supports vlan only. Other provider networks are proposed in Havana.

The following is just information about provider network.
System administrators who deploy quantum should configure tenant_network_type properly. The default value 'local' of tenant_network_type is a fail-safe value and this value should be set to 'gre', 'vlan' , or other appropriate value in usual deployment of quantum. -- May 20

[nsantos] My original plan was to allow the user to choose among all the possible values, and have the backend fail (with an appropriate error message to the UI) in case the chosen type wasn't supported in that installation.

[jpomero 2014-02-05] Not sure what the status is on this but it looks like maybe there isn't much going on. I'd like to try to get this revived since it's something I'm looking for. I think what we should be able to do is check if the provider network neutron extension exists, and if it does then allow the user to set the provider network properties when creating the network. As mentioned above, we don't know which types are supported so we would have to allow the user to choose from all available options.

[jpichon 2014-02-10] Unassigning due to inactivity.

Gerrit topic:,topic:bug/1223360,n,z

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    Allow admins to set provider network settings when creating network

[david-lyle | 2014.07.23] Moving to Juno-3.


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