Project resource usage page - Statistics and charts connected to ceilometer

Registered by Ladislav Smola

Implementation of Resource usage page in Project Tab
Should contain:
- sortable tables (via AJAX) of resources with most important statistics (all resource types)
- line charts with multiple series of resources showing statistics in time
- details list of alerts + maybe health chart + timeseries chart of alerts

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David Lyle
Jaromir Coufal
Needs approval
Maxime Vidori
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Needs Code Review
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Started by
Maxime Vidori
Completed by
David Lyle


Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/project-resource-usage-page,n,z

Addressed by:
    Add metering panel to project console

[lsmola | 18.9.2013] Just a notification, that jcoufal or lblanchard should have prepared first wireframes for this in the beginning of the next week.

[lsmola | 23.10.2013]

[david-lyle | 2014-01-21] This seems to be stalled out. Will add back in once it's picked up again.
Seems that design will remain the same. This just needs to be rebased with newest patches.

Addressed by:
    Add metering panel to project console

[lsmola | 25.10.2013] Hi if you base your patch on this and delete the tables as stated here , we should be able to get this in I1.

Thank you for picking this patch.

Addressed by:
    Abstraction of Ceilometer meters information

[david-lyle Dec 2 2013] moving to i-2 because of dependent code base rework. Additionally, the dependency diagram is confusing as this patch is up for review but dependent on features yet to be implemented. If this is a partial implementation, that is not a problem, but the commit message should indicate that it is a partial implementation. If this is the full implementation, the dependency diagram should be cleaned up.
[lsmola | 3.12.2013] This is only partial implementation

[alejandro.e.paredes | 27.3.2014] Hi all, since there has not been any update on this blueprint, I wonder if someone is working on it. We are interested on having this functionality, could we collaborate on something?
Maxime, are you planning to continue working on this? Let me know if we can help you...

[maxime-vidori | 27.3.2014] That is really a strange coincidence because I restarted working on it yesterday. I thought posting a new patch in a few days.

[alejandro.e.paredes | 28.3.2014] Great, what a coincidence! Let us know If we can help on anything...Thanks!


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