Introduce a plugin architecture for Horizon

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Currently adding stuff to horizon requires to change This
is nearly impossible in a world of software packages. At least, when
using RPM packages, it is absolutely unwanted, to change files at
install time, depending if other packages are installed or not.

The idea would be a directory to place python packages to be added
dynamically to the dashboard.

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mrunge: IMHO, the linked bug regarding dashboards in horizon config can be fixed as well.

mrunge: currently, I see no reason to have "plugins" at all (or why to give some kind of python modules a different treamment as others). So I propose here:
- treat all python modules below openstack_dashboard/dashboards as "plugins". More specifically: copying a python module to this location, should add it automatically to INSTALLED_APPS, and should also add it (if appropriate) to HORIZON_CONFIG as well.

mordred: I believe we can do what you're wanting in a packaging friendly way. We use entrypoint loading for the rest of openstack for this sort of thing, and I believe a very simple entrypoint registry would take all of about 5 minutes to put together. Alternately, you could make openstack_dashboard/dashboards a namespace package and get a similar effect. You _don't_ want to do this by copying modules in, because of the complications you'll have around devtest and the files (there's a reason namepsace packages and entry point exist)

mrunge: right. I didn't meant to duplicate code, to copy system packages, etc. It is just intended to easily enhance the dashboard, without requiring to change after all. The latter is inherited from Django framework.

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    Plugin-based dashboard configuration

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