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The docs have been fairly neglected for a while. A lot of the information is outdated and/or disorganised. We should do a pass over the information, removing or updating old parts, as well as filling gaps where we find them. We should also update the docs to match the visual style of the docs team.

The documentation structure will be based off the spec at

- install/ --This will cover installation, deployment and configuration of Horizon and its plugins. If a
  consumer of Horizon is only interested in utilising it as part of their cloud, this section should provide
  all the information they need.
- contributor/ -- Anything having to do with contributing to the project. This will include developer
  setups, tutorial guides, and conceptual information. "Contributor" is important here, as it covers not
  just direct code contributions, but also content about packaging, reviewing, etc.
- configuration/ -- Detailed information about configuring Horizon. This would include all of the settings

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Rob Cresswell
Rob Cresswell
Rob Cresswell
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Accepted for 13.0.0-queens
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Rob Cresswell
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Akihiro Motoki

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[amotoki - Jan 29, 2018] the most efforts have been done in Pike and we can improve our docs if we have more topics as a separate bug or blueprint. Let's close it.
[amotoki - Jan 22, 2018] Can we close this blueprint? Is there anything remaining in this blueprint?


Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/pike-docs-overhaul,n,z

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    Update the quickstart guide

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    Update example local.conf

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    Update and merge the install / deployment docs

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    Fix the CLI symbol in the quickstart doc

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    doc: better formatting of TOC in sidebar

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    Reorganise and update the settings documentation

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    Update local conf

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    Minor improvements to the translation document


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