Add Angular defaults panel in admin

Registered by Rajat Vig on 2015-07-23

Adding another defaults panel in admin implemented in angular

The community has agreed to migrate existing panels to angular.js.

The existing defaults page (written using django templates) will be converted to angular js.

Uses the exiting table design from other panels.

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Rajat Vig
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Rob Cresswell on 2017-02-21

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UX Review: Closed out with the following notes:

We identified that there were lots of requests/factors that needed to be acknowledged (not necessarily implemented):
1. Use of the Wizard-style modal rather than the old modal style
          a. It was agreed that we should use the wizard-style in all cases so that additional steps/areas may be added
2. Inline editing on the main page
          a. It was agreed that we should only do this as a secondary approach
          b. Not all values are editable
3. Selection of units (GB, MB, etc. and/or default increments)
          a. This can’t be done logically since the exact data points displayed and their ranges and nature are not known
          b. In other words, these are just numbers that go into a black box that either accepts or rejects them.
4. Better handling of -1 as “unlimited”
          a. Same problem as 3; cannot be addressed because we cannot be assured of which fields allow for “unlimited” in which contexts.
5. Grouping of defaults
          a. We agreed that this should be doable; both to display the source (name and general type, e.g. ‘Nova’ and ‘Compute’)

Thus the only remaining execution items for Defaults are:
1. Use the Wizard-style modal [kbrown: this has been implemented. The update defaults modal is now using the wizard-style modal]
2. Display the Source as a column in the table [kbrown: also implemented]
3. Group the fields by Source in the wizard [kbrown: done]
          a. Do not separate them into steps
          b. Use standard bootstrap header to separate

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/angularize-images-table,n,z


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