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Sahara (, has recently graduated from incubation. As a part of being a full project, we would like to merge the sahara-dashboard into openstack_dashboards.

Source for the Sahara Dashbaord is located at

**Testing notes**

In order to test the Sahara UI, you would need an instance of the sahara-api running along with the rest of your stack. Your openstack_dashboard installation uses "" permission to show/hide the Data Processing PanelGroup.

Alternatively, you could follow the instructions at to get your own sahara-api up and running.

For a video showing what the Sahara Dashboard can do, please see
(Note, that video was done with the "Sahara dashboard" as a dashboard of its own. For the merge into horizon, "Data Processing" will be a panel group under "Project". The actual functionality shown in the video is correct and fairly current though).

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Chad Roberts
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    Adding python-saharaclient to requirements

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    Adding supporting code for Sahara dashboard

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    Adding hadoop cluster-related panels to Sahara dashboard

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    Adding EDP job related panels to Sahara dashboard

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    Selenium-based tests for the Sahara dashboard

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    Adding plugins panel for Sahara

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    Adding the data_image_registry panel for Sahara

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    Adding nodegroup_template panel for Sahara

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    Adding cluster_template and cluster panels for Sahara

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    Data Sources panel for Sahara

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    Adding Job Binaries panel for Sahara

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    Adding Jobs and Job Executions panels for Sahara

[2014.06.10 jpich] Moving to j-2.

[2014.06.30 lblanchard] Hi Chad, I had a chance to review the youtube demo that was posted finally and wanted to give some comments on the UI design from a UX point of view. I'm not sure that any of these comments should hold up an initial release of the Saraha integration with Horizon, really they are meant to be things we could potentially improve on (like workflows) in the future. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments on these. Also, if there is a better place to post these than the Blueprint I'd be happy to do so.

1) Rather than using the Project name for the section within Horizon, should this be something more descriptive to the end user like Hadoop Clusters? Or should this rather live within a section named “Hardware” that could contain other types of hardware/clusters in the future?
2) It doesn’t seem like there is any breakdown of the features based on roles here. Would any of these things be done by the end user? Are these all administrator tasks? I wonder how we will be able to show/hide certain features to different types of users if they differ.
3) Would the user benefit from seeing a breakdown of the types of instances running in a cluster? (I’m assuming from the cluster template there would be 1 master and 4 workers…
4) I could see fill out the URL for the data source to become very confusing to users to be sure they have the accurate URL. Is there any way we could enhance this to browse for the source?
5) I think the ultimate goal for the user would be to create a certain job. I wonder if we should have more of a workflow focused around the job. Sure it might be nice to be able to see a list of Data Sources and Job Binaries, but would a user ever create these without wanting to run a job? Or I should over would they do this? Could we model a “Create a Job” workflow closer to “Launch an Instance” where the user needs to define the Data Sources and Job Binaries as the first few steps? I think this would follow the mental model better.
6) While in the “Launch Job” modal, I’m not sure the Configure tab needs the required asterisk. In the example you have shown in the youtube video there was no configuration required so this asterisk should not show.
7) Would it be possible to add some help text to the Configuration, Parameters, and Arguments sections in the Configure tab? When would the user know that they need to fill these out?
8) I’m wondering if Job Executions should be bundled up with Jobs in some way. Should there just be a history in the details page or even a status field in the Jobs table letting the user know about the latest executions of the Job instead of a completely new section?
9) Does it make sense for the “Delete Job execution” button to still be available after the Job has finished running? Would this just be an archive action? Maybe we don’t even need anything for this and it just remains in the table as history? What do the other UIs allow for completed jobs?



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